Two new BETTY shirts are in stock ! Pictures too !

I have two new Betty shirts ready for pick-up at my shop or to have shipped.

They are both on black shirts !

One is a Black and white version and the other is in colour. Both are cool new T’s.

They are available in:
Youth M-L
Adult S-M-L-XL-XXL

(No XXL in black/white version at this time)

Prices are:
black and white shirts: 15.00 Cdn - 11.00 US
Colour shirts: 20.00 Cdn - 15.00 US

Shipping is 5.00 Cdn or US for any number of shirts ordered.

info at bedfordunicycles dot ca / 416-729-9696
for order info

Here are the pictures…

Let me know what you think of them. Thanks.

Take it easy,

Eva, Betty’s sister, will be arriving in January. Just as hot… with long black hair !

Awesome Darren!

Please check your PM’s


Most excellent design! Hats off to you!

Seriously, I just took my hat off to you.

most excellent Darren, I’ll be emailing you pronto…

quick question, is the girl on the back, with the Bedford logo on the front, girl on front, etc???

awesome design darren. i think some people will appreciate that her revealingness has been toned down some, although it never offended me haha. i will probably email you about them soon seeing as i cant ride right now, so shirts are as close as i come. i love them!


Re: Two new BETTY shirts are in stock ! Pictures too !

yes i being waiting for these. um how would you like me to pay you?

With money,probly.:smiley:

Re: Re: Two new BETTY shirts are in stock ! Pictures too !

Darren doesn’t do paypal(last I checked anyhow) so you have to send him a money order in the mail…or cash of course. Those he knows and trust he’ll usually take a personal check from.

Yeh? Like who? Not to say that the new Betty is not comely . . .


anybody have the pic of the old one that was more reveling?:smiley:

It is in the frames/flames/t-shirts section of the same site that the other shirts are on.

I’d get that one too if it came in black.

Long black hair, eh?

Anything like Bettie Page?

can i still have one of the old betty shirts and a new one? :smiley:

also do you have a pic of the other chick? :slight_smile:


I have answered your PM. Thanks


Cheers, thanks.


Yes, Betty is on the back and the little logo out front. I will keep an eye out for the order. Thanks for the continued orders.


Get well soon. We are looking forward to seeing you again at TOque.
I will watch for the e-mail.


To order, send a cheque/check or money order made payable to: Darren Bedford
Mail it to: 71 Jasper Avenue Toronto ON M6N 2N2

Please NO cash. I have sent cash before and it never arrived. Don’t take the chance.

I have a very limited supply of the first Betty shirt with bikini bottoms on.
Let me know what size you are looking for before
sending payment for that one.


Your 4 shirts are in the mail. You were the first to have them mailed out !


Not like Betty paige, WAY HOTTER !
I have the final drawing now. You almost need a fire extingisher to put her out !!! Killer art !

Here is the link to the first Betty shirt:

Look under Bedford T-Shirts

I have “Jack” as well if you want to complete your collection.

Thanks for the all the posts.

Take it easy,

do you have the new pic of her sister? just the pic?

i got the new shirt of betty :smiley: and do they ever look good :smiley: . the pictures that he took arent that great so dont go off just the pictures cause do these shirts look asome :smiley: . i love them the silk sreening is well done and in my opinio done better then other major brands :smiley: well done Darren the shirts look great :smiley: