Two interesting reactions

On the bus ride on Sunday back from my first juggling convention, I ended up sitting beside a rough looking chap. He had several tatoos, including the knuckle dots from Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, and several knife-scars on his face and neck. He was in a good mood, and I was chatting away to him, told him about the unicycle, how much weight I had lost since I took it up, how much money I had made in 4 hours busking on the main street of my home town, how long it took me to learn… The thing that surprised him the most was how I could cope with my friends taking the mickey and calling names. I tried to explain to him that I don’t have any friends that call people names, but he couldn’t understand, thought I was joking or mad or both.
Then on Monday after work, I went to the butchers to get my dinner, with the uni over my shoulder. The butcher was a nice man, and he said “Where’s your other wheel?” Before I responded wryly as usual, I realised that he was genuinely concerned that I had had half of my bike stolen. I explained that it was supposed to be like that, but he didn’t believe me. A bit of friendly argument ensued, and after a couple of minutes, the 3 staff and 5 customers in the shop were laughing and joking, and placing bets on whether I’d be able to ride it out of the shop. Well out I rode, and the butcher shop erupted in cheers and applause behind me.

Ha, ha, prety good stories both of 'em!

thanks for telling us about your uni encounters with interesting folks.