Two Days Later

Took two days but Here’s my Video I made on Black Friday(the day after Thanksgiving) Went out for a ride to try to make a video for that day and have some extra footage for my other video I’m Making(hopefully coming out in the next week) and got nothing but a bunch of bails. Made for an entertaining video anyway so I tried to upload to youtube and vimeo and facebook and stuff but it refused to work but now it did(on photobucket and facebook) so here’s the Photobucket version. Youtube version will be up soon I think

hahah bad luck.well its good to know im not the only one who wears a bandana while unicycling.

The filming gave me a headache… That looks like a cool place to ride trials.

yeah, sorry about that. but that’s what happens when you’ve got a 5th grade coussin filming for you.

cool little rock garden, have you tried doing that SI? I find that an area like that was easier to do SI as opposed to SIF.

Enjoyable video, 7/10.


From what I remember, Kelly Hicman does too…

yeah after failing a bunch doing it SIF I did it SI and managed to land at least one line for me new video. haha Here’s the youtube version, I gave up on trying to make it a good quality version it just wasn’t working so if you want the better quality version watch the photobucket one.
EDIT: it looks WAY better embedded than on my youtube channel… weird it’s pretty good quality now… looks about the same as the photobucket version. Huh… strange.

Nice video, I found your cousin very amusing(kinda reminds me of one of mine).

yeah my cousin is awesome(all of my cousins are awesome but that’s beside the point. haha)



funny vid

You can’t call me emo cause I have curly hair.