Two clips

…before my tire popped…

comments/crit would be awesome, especialy advice on landing 3-spins with my right hand… heh.
enjoy… peace

Wow sweet gap spin!

Didn’t you say you haven’t ridden since last summer? You def. don’t look rusty.

Nice! I wish I could just do clean 180’s every time, let alone gap at the same time!

Nice. I can’t work out how to rolling 3spin off stuff without the cranks flipping.

Old school >.<

spin gap was cool. I’m trying to get better at that but I find I can gap farther with a flip or jump higher with a flip… So… It seems the only place for spin gaps is in trials >.< might try that.

as soon as you can do treyflips, 360 unispin drops are no longer interesting…

Depends. Whats harder treyfliping a big set or 3spining it?

Thanks everybody.

Yeah… I started riding street again a bit in May though so I’ve had a bit of time to practice.

Yeah, the only reason I did that static is that I always end up hitting the edge of the landing pallet and landing on my face if I roll it. It sucks… but I’m working on getting it rolled.

Well, I can treyflip if I want to. I’d have to practice a bit since I havn’t done flips in a while but personally, I have more fun riding old school, I think it looks cooler and I don’t break as many seatposts now that I don’t flip…

very nice. That was a huge 180 unispin gap. Theres no way I could gap that far sideways w/ a u-spin. (well, maybe there is, but from last time I tried I remember it being extremely hard:p and I am pretty sure I remember it right…)