Two celebrations today.

First one is…

Today (September 15th 2007) is my 1 year riding a Unicycle.

On this day last year, I built my first wheel ever and it was a Unicycle wheel! I then spent about 6 hours that day learning to ride… by the end of the day I could ride about 50 feet or so. :slight_smile:

The second celebration is…

Happy 10th Birthday Google!

I wish everyone a great weekend!


My one year was sometime last month, but I don’t remember the exact day.

What all have you learned in your first year of riding?

Not enough.

I can ride backwards pretty good.

Idle with either foot down.


Sidehop about 13"

Gap about 3 feet.

Terrible rolling hops…

Roll into Wheelwalks and go about 20-30 feet, can’t roll out yet, haven’t been practicing lately.

Side mount…

I learn everything except how to ride, really slow… I was riding without any dismounts as far as I wanted since like the third day. After that progression went way downhill.

28th September will be my 1 year unicycling. Almost one year of riding, but I’m not happy with skills I got. I don’t suck at unicycling, but I’m not very good either.

I’m almost level 6 freestyle rider (can’t ride one footed with left foot)
I can do about 20 different mounts
a few variations of 180 unispin
360 unispin mount
sidehop and rolling hop 14-25" (I’ve no idea :roll_eyes: )

I want so badly learn 360 unispin, crankroll tricks and stuff, but I’ll do that during the next year.
OFFTOPIC -> Any recommendations what ISIS cranks would be the best for crankrolls? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added smiley :slight_smile:

k1 street cranks

You should be more than happy with your skills.

You’re quite a bit younger than me though, and it seems the kids around 13-15 seem to gain skill MUCH quicker than anyone else.