Two 24" Munis, KH and other

For Sale 24" KH Muni, standard KH 2007 (blue hub type painted) muni, newer Duro tire, 150 moments, KH Freeride saddle (newer) and magna brake, brake is currently like the third picture. KH24" $350 plus shipping (pedals aren’t pictured sorry the pedals are different)

Also, my Franken-muni, put together with parts I collected, 2013 Nimbus Oracle frame (not set up for d-brake, see last picture with KH piece), Surly Large Marge wheel (built on 2007 KH blue hub, painted, built by Eric P aka saskatchewanian), KH Freeride saddle (newer) Qu-Ax 125 cranks, Arrow Racing Wide Bite tire (somewhat worn). Franken-muni $225.00 plus shipping (I ride it as is, but probably you will want eventually a tire and a new rim strip and if you don’t like 125s on trails it will need different cranks)

Both are ISIS, both ride great and are fun on the trails.

I also have up for sale (if the munis sell) a brand new never mounted Halo Contra 24 x 3 tire, brand new tube 24 x 3 (not the heavy weight tube) and KH moments 165.
If interested in any please pm me. I might be willing to mix n match depending on what you want to do.

Unimudder brake.JPG

spare part smaller.JPG

I changed the prices, KH is $350.00 shipped (US, sorry) and Franken-uni is $250.00 shipped. If someone is local $50.00 off either muni.

PM sent for KH muni

I sent a PM for the purchase of the KH muni.


Kelly O’

KH24 aka Unimudder, sale is pending

KH24 muni is sold, Franken-muni for sale still but price is revised to $215 plus shipping.

Both unicycles are sold, thank you.