Two 20" Monty Trials tires

We have two on hand. Both are in the same great condition.

24x2.50, 40 p.s.i. Fits rim HB 396x30.

$12.00 each or both for $20 plus actual shipping costs.

email me at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.


Sign me up, ol’ Yoop, ol’ boy.

Figure shipping to 34207, and let me know how much to make the paypal/check/whatever out to.

John M

Are these 24" or 20"??? in the title it says 20" and in the description is says 24x2.50??

Oops. My apologies. They are 20" tires (15" diameter rims).


You got it. I’ll check and get back to you probably on Monday when the post office is open.

Haven’t spoken to you in awhile. Life good for you? Shoot me an email at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.


John is doing fine. We actually went riding together the other day for the first time in years. It was a wonderful ride other then my 8 foot fall backwards down a cliff off some roots into a creek. :slight_smile:



I thought you were in Florida. John’s in Pennsylvania, right? How’d you guys get together? Good to hear from you again, too.

Are these still available?

Tentitively no, but I’ll let you know if for some reason John decides he doesn’t want them.


OK …In the meantime could you please figure out shipping to L8S 1A9 Hamilton Ontario Canada so i can make sure ill have the money?


From what I’ve found out earlier, shipping to Canada will be $14 to $16.

Great deal!!. PM me if the other falls through i might still be interested.

i also may be interested but not as much as these other people probable

Acctually i just want them as spares and for a few projects i wanna try such as making one totally slick to see how it rides for Street. So if some one acctaually “needs” these then they should have first ups.

well, I need a trials tire, will it fit a regular 20" rim, or is it the 19" rim??

if it fits the 20" can you please figure shipping to 78418

These are sold and have been paid for.

ok, I didn’t see anything saying that

thats cool

They are trials tires anyway, 19" mod rim.

Tires are sold. Thanks for your interest though.