i watched twnr today, it was awsome, dont have much time to post but ill tell more about it later, and i got to mountin uni shirts!!!
i love them!!!
more later

That’s great, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I’m anxious to hear more!

that bc wheel in the parking garage was awsome!!!
that guy one footed on that thin ledge!!!
those guys jumping the rocks then the kickupmount in water and over that tree bridge thing!!!
dont forget that really thin ledge by the highway!!!
the 40 mm coker cranks!!!
that whole movie was insane!!!
it really inspired me, but some of the people in that did things some people wouldn’t even do on foot!!!
that movie was crazy dude i loved it!!!

Rumor has it that the darklord of Coker is in the makings of ANOTHER movie…

only that this one is enlightened by the presence of browness.

I would really like to buy this video.

When I went to the website my computer became uncooperative and I can’t figure out how to order it.

Any recommendations?


You could send Mr. Mackenzie a Private Message…

here is a direct link via, the company that handles the credit card payments

BTW – I can’t do searches, because “server not found”. This prevents me from digging up old threads with info. – I think this is an SBC DSL problem.

I can’t do pm’s because I just recently registered with this forum and that part of this forum is currently not available to new users.


Thanks for this link, but it didn’t work.

It said that my 2checkout session was expired and that I would have to start another session where all previous information would not be available. I tried to start a new session, but it just kept giving me the same message over and over.

keep trying. It’s worth it!

Hmmm, I just verified that access to it through my website here: works as it should.

if you would like to send me an email at

brian (at) LBMmultimedia (dot) com we can get a copy sent to you poste haste :slight_smile:

Yep, Brian does it again!

I have to agree with all that was said in the above quote. But the best part I LOVED was seeing the brief cut in the middle of the movie of a guy riding a MUni along a paved curved road in the middle of nowhere whilst juggling. … WHAT!?

The mixture of elements in that sequence shot at a downward angle busts me up everytime I see it.

If you watch B Sides, when you see that juggler come to a sudden halt and drop his clubs…

I had the tripod mounted ontop of the car (as seen the UW shot) When I figured I had enough footage of him, I just stopped the car to see if it would be funny. It was.