What’s the buzz, Brian? Did things ever work out with the DVD people?

Will it be ready by Fathers Day?

Must… Get… TW…NR… SOON!!!

I was told that I can pick up the movies on Friday, it’s definetly in it’s final process, it turns out it was
my DVD burner that was the problem…I could make movies, but for some reason the stampers couldn’t read it.
I(didn) 't want to post another ‘it’s coming’ thread, but it does look good for friday. Each time it failed I was able
to tweak it a little, so no harm done (but still damn annoying!)

Shucks… and here I was feeling guilty for saying I’d buy one, but not sending you the money. Now I can sleep at nights again.

Looking forward to seeing it again. Great movie.


I still haven’t seen it :’(

The Coker stuff is awsome!

Yeah, it’s good.

/waiting for my own copy

thank you once again brian for letting me take home the prerelease copy! ive watched it so many times.

Thanks guys, glad you’re diggin in.

(Nice to hear about the replay value!)

Nick, you may have to wait for the next batch…


I’ll give ya $10 for the VHS :wink:

Hey Brian, I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the copy you sent me and I must say it’s a very entertaining film. But it skips and hangs a lot, have you had anybody else have that issue???

That must be the same issue as at the stampers. None of the players I played it on had issues (or the failings wouldn’t have been so annoying!)

Send back the copy and I wil replace it with the authentic one. (I ‘actually’ go pick them up on friday now :slight_smile: )

100% sastisfaction gauruntee at LBM multimedia!

yay! sounds like good news:D cant wait to see the long awaited footage.

Friday is good news, I can hardly wait to see TWNR! :sunglasses:

There’s something about the first day of April that makes me suspicious, although I can’t put my finger on it.

I don’t think it’s legal to pre-schedule an April Fool’s Joke