TWNR Release Party/ride, London, Sunday Feb 27

Hey everyone…

Here is the scedule of events for Sunday:

2pm Intro band starts playing while people filter in.

2:30 TWNR

3:30 Grassy Knoll &the Magic Bullit

(times may run later, and will be adjusted. )

The way the weather is here, it could be a toss up between two trails, our best bet is to meet at a neutral location, super easy for every one to find.

The ride will definetly be a Snow MUni ride. The trails are nicely beat down by hikers and dogwalkers. I will be filming. (but not really interfering with the ride flow)

We will meet at the Flying J gas station (the gas there is often a few cents cheaper than anything around, by the way) at 9-9:30am Sunday morning. (please be prompt, we will leave for the trail at 9:30) I’ll have my cell 519.520.1548 if you will be late.

The flying J is just off the 401 to the south on Highbury, exit 189.

For the locals, if you don’t want to meet there, please call me in the morning to see where we will be riding, it will either be Fanshawe, or Komoka…probably Komoka)

The ride will be from 10 - 12:30 or so. Bring towels and a spare set of clothes for the movie showing if you get as stinky as I do!

there is also cool urban stuff infront of the university where we will be, perhaps riding around on urban stuff will attract a few people who may not have seen the signs! So bring your trials if you want, but the morning ride is for sure a 24" + ride.

The more people with still cameras on the trail the better! (I barely get any stills anymore now that I am generally filming)

We can also go out for supper somewhere for those who are interested.

Here is a map to The Wave, at UWO (if you can’t make it to the ride)

The Wave
University Community Centre, Uwo,
London, ON N6A 3K7

please post here or email me if intend on coming to the ride, the show, or both

thanks, see you there!

I forgot to mention that admission is a non-perrishable donation to the london food bank, thanks

(this is Brian…at Spyders house)

The ride is for sure going to be at Komoka Provincial Park on Sunday, we have gotten an extra amount of snow today :slight_smile:

For those still wanting to meet at the Flying J’s, great, I’ll be leaving there at 9:30

Komoka park is west of London on Commissioners road.

Take the 401 west
merge onto 402 after exit 186 (wellington)
north on Wonderland road (for aboot 6km’s)
west on commissioners for 4kms

down a windy hill there is an intersection, go left onto Byron Baseline. Follow West out of Byron and follow it out of town for 2-3 kilometers. Look to the left for the park sign which you will come to before reaching the town of Killworth.

That ride starts at 10 there
my cell is 519.520.1548