TWNR: Canadian Premiere Feb 27

Hey everyone, the US date turns out to be ealier than the Can date, so the party at Ray’s is actually the World premiere!

The Canadian release:

Feb 27 (sunday afternoon) Time to be confirmed.

The university, UWO, in London Ontario, is the venue.

There is a winter MUni ride scheduled for Sunday morning, to be followed by an all ages (no Booze) event at the UWO bar.

The movie will be shown on a huge projection screen, followed by 3 live bands (one being Grassy knoll &the Magic Bullit, who does the soundtrack, of course)

Admission to this event will be an Item to the London Food Bank and should be a fantastic time!

If you want to come for Saturday as well, we can have several group rides, and I can find space for anyone who wants somewhere to sleep over (or provide Hotel info…I won’t research hotel info until someone who is coming wants it)

This winter MUni ride will be my second official filming scene for TWNR2 (although, TWNR2 will most likely evolve into a groundbreaking extreme unicycling movie to be rivalled by no one…including anyting you’ve seen from any sports movie so far, due to the partnership I am currently working out)

So either reply here, or email me at brianandleeanne at and let me know if you are interested in a ride, or just the film.

Thanks, Hope to see you there!

Just wanted to point out that when this partnership materializes, it won’t be TWNR2, but a mutual project I wil be working on

whos this partnership with?

steven spielberg?

anywho, it sounds good.

i would be there but… you know

I’ve lost interest in his work