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Anyone ever search “unicycle” on twitter?

Lots of people post their random unicycle sightings, I always try to see if any could have been me:

Also, feel free to follow me: although i don’t really tweet about unicycling much.

Hilarious. Hehe :slight_smile:

my god
some one twitterered it

I have the feeling that it is photoshopped.

I just found a great twitter post.

I found a pic of my unicycle on flickr.

I also found an interview I did while on my unicycle, but it was a pretty lousy interview.

Yeah, I saw a pic of a pink and green coker the other day. I think it was in Berkley?

From today, someones a hater:

his tweet below that is “serenity now”

WOW, that is refering to me, he is from DC and I was riding on the Parkway this morning! Crazy.

I just sent him an email:

uninick on twitter, but I don’t remember if I’ve posted about uniing… But if/when I get a cell, I’ll twitter from my uni :wink:

Thats hilarious haha, keep us updated!

Oh, man…totally need to go uni wardriving!

I just went through twitter this morning while drinking my coffee and there were quite a few hilarious tweets to browse through, this one being my favorite:

“White ppl crack me up, I just saw a dude on a unicycle!”

This is the funniest thread in quite some time…

Mr. Ass Hat please do keep us updated!

Funny tweet: “dude on a unicycle just passed me holding a bike lock. lol none knows how to ride one so who’s gonna steal it” :smiley:

zombot: I’m on a stationary bike and let go of the handlebars. Boom! Stationary unicycle.

BTW siafirede, could you post a picture of your hat?

Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. People don’t steal stuff to use it, they steal stuff because it’s not nailed down. Keep this in mind, unicyclists!

…And where a guy might purchase one;)

Opportunity makes a thief - don’t ever give them one!

I never lock my Uni anywhere but inside my garage so what is common practice? Is through the wheel enough and what else can one do?

This is why the day my 29 muni gets off the UPS truck, I am sand blasting part of the seat tube and welding on a piece of steel in the shape of a C. Presto, place to put a cable lock through… That and through the wheel, only thing they could take would be the seat, but red lock tight and tamper proof torx bolts will fix that issue! :smiley:

They could take the cranks…