Twisting while riding?

I’m a new unicycle rider about 5 days so new. Now a lot of the times when I’m learning to go straight and to keep my balance I am twisting my hips or legs. Sometimes for spaces of 20-30 feet it will be mostly twisting… Does anyone know possibly how to correct this, if this is normal or if this will fade once I become more comfortable?

Twist and Shout

Not to worry, this is perfectly normal for someone who has only been riding for five days. The twisting is usually caused by uneven pressure on the pedals, which will slowly decrease as your body adjusts to the motion. For now it’s great that you are riding at all!

Give it some time, and try to pedal in a circle instead of push, push, push…
In my case it sometimes helps to bring my knees closer together.

Good luck!


also you might be sticking your hip out to one side which is making you turn in that direction, so you are now twisting to try to counteract that. Think about getting your hips under you, and perhaps make sure you are sitting on the seat straight too.

Certain tires will cause you to lean like this when you are riding on a slanted road.

I was also doing the twist at the beginning and I realized it helped me stay up! The twisting decreased after a few weeks. On the bright side, twisting and flailing keeps the mosquitos away.

edit: … and if bad guys are shooting at you from behind, riding serpentine is the way to go.

haha… nearly spewed my coffee!

Typical BurnerDave - always the pragmatist.

Make sure your frame isn’t bent.

My serpentine wisecrack is based on the famous ‘Serpentine!’ sequence in the movie 'The In-Laws" with Alan Arkin. I’ll look for that clip online.

Well after another two week I’ve worked a bit out so this is me now.

I think most people twist a lot when they’ve just learnt. I know I did. As you get better and more comfortable you’ll be able to ride without twisting. I wouldn’t worry about it at this stage.

Man you are so good. Idling, doing stairs, curbs and hopping after 2 weeks! How did you do it?! I’m so jealous. And no helmet. What confidence.
Jeez, it’s 11:30pm now, but you make me want to get out for some practice! I’m wasting time inside the house! There is so much to learn! So little time.

This is the new hyperlink… so Yeah… same video but music instead of commentary… Will be adding new one soon since I had now jump jump stairs horrray!!!

Man, what a difference with the music!

New one is up, but about getting good progress, its seriously what you read bout practice. Get out there and play. Today I unicycled for 3-5 hours till I had bruises and cuts, now legs are mash. :slight_smile: