Twisting my 360/Coker cranks

Hey all, has anyone twisted their Coker/360 cranks riding down stairs? I have bent 2 in 3 days, both times on the left side one set was my 140 alum. cranks so then I put on my stock steel 150s and tonight going down 2 sets of 3 steps each I twisted the left crank arm again.
What crank arms are people using that are not having any problems (for those who ride down steps etc on their 360/Cokers)

I twisted both of my stock 150 aluminum cranks on my coker, but I’ve also done 2-3 foot drops and big sets of stairs. I’m around 150-160# or so. I would think if there only sets of 3 stairs it should not be bending, maybe it’s your technique or something. Mine weren’t bent so bad I couldn’t ride them(though others noticed immediatly) so I just rode with them bent untill one got loose and I replaced it with a steel one, which hasn’t bent yet, but I don’t do stuff quite like I did when I first got it.

I’ve had to replace quite a few sets of cranks on my Coker. I’ve bent both the steel and the aluminum cranks several times… but never from riding down stairs - always from drop-offs. Even the largest set of stairs I rode down (and jammed my ankle at the bottom transition to flat pavement) didn’t bend my cranks.

Although rider weight can make a pretty big difference, even at my heaviest I don’t think I ever bent cranks from riding down stairs.

Anyway, the cranks that have been holding up the best for me are the Odyssey Black Widow Euro cranks on for $89.00.

you go down stairs on a coker :0