Twisted frame

So it finally happened, the only original part left on my united trials uni is broken.

In the summer of 2002 I purchased my first unicycle, a 19 united trials uni from With it I basically taught myself how to ride trials and eventually started to break parts. That fall I started trying bigger drops and off of what seemed like a 10 foot drop (3.5 feet) I broke the stock lasco cranks to peices. That winter I got a set of DK iron cross pedals and swaped out the original plastic ones. In 2003 came the first year of motorama and with a newly painted pink frame with sparkles also came my second set of bent cranks. After that was the first Toque games where I happend to win the sport class and also left with 3 more sets of bent cranks and a broken seat post.

Not too long after the Toque games I upgraded my hub to a profile crankset and with a flat spot and spokes pulling through the monty rim I purchased my 2nd monty rim.

For a long while I rode on a stock viscount seat which I still love, and the uni with this set up lasted until march or so of 2004 this is when my 2nd monty rim was pulling itself apart again and I purchased a DX32 from bedford as well as a new seatpost so that I could fit a modified seat I had from my muni (purchased in 2003) to my trials ride. This last summer the set up was fantastic, probably my favorite by far the custom carbon seat with a bombproof wheel and I went back to using the same type of pedals that were originally on the uni, oddysee twisted pc’s was all tuned into my liking.

After getting back from europe I looked at my unicycle and started to put it back together and realized something that I must have done in one of my last trials/ street outings in switzerland. I twised my frame about 5-10 degrees out. Its not horrible but I think its about time to say fairwell to what was the last peice of my original uni and start a new chapter in my riding.

Sorry I lost my camera in Austria so no pix,

Cheers Mike

Thats such a sad story. But its a sign of a new beginning.

You should make a really crazy unicycle out of all the bent/ugly parts. Just have it as something to do stupid things on or show your friends.

Its a cool story though.

The story of a unicycle from birth to final breath. It could only be told by one as in tune with life as Mike Carroll. What a cool read, Mike. I have Frankensteined one unicycle to its grave but I never kept track of the amputations and limb replacements as pieces came (off) and went. Glad you’re back. I hope to see you soon. My MUni Militia [CONTROVERSY]ONE WHEELED DEATH SQUAD[/CONTROVERSY] shirt is still alive.

Same with mine. I’ve worn it at every uni-meet/weekend/outing since Ive gotten it.

i need one of those shirts.