Twisted axle - what to do with wheel?

I have a cheap uni that is now pretty useless. It can still be ridden, but there is a distinctly irritating wobble. Is there anything that can be done with the frame and wheel? it doesn’t have to be unicycling related.

I was thinking of making a BC wheel. A friend suggested I take the tire off, put wicking around the rim, set it on fire and ride very quickly whilst people point and laugh.

Any other ideas?

you can’t make a BC out of a uni very easily
if there is wobble in the cranks, buy new ones… they are cheap… or get used to it
if the axle is bent, get used to it, you won’t even feel it after a while
if the rim is bent take it to your LBS and they will straighten it out for a few bucks

If you want a fire uni, put wicks in the spokes but not on the rim. Unless you want to ignite your tire and have a very short ride and difficult mess to put out!

Spray paint the whole thing white and hang it on the living room wall.

Donate it to charity.

Give it to the little kid down the street.

Destroy it on video, for us all to watch and be entertained by.

Replace the bad axle or whatever part(s) and continue riding it, or use it to teach new riders.

I twisted the axle on my first uni. It made it a perfect teaching uni because when the right pedal was down, the left would be slightly more forward than usual, making it easier to get on. Once you were riding you couldn’t even notice the difference. Then i sold it for $70 :smiley:

Have you tried tightening the cranks? When I notice a wobble thats usualy the problem.

nvm Probly not I’m mixed up.

bc wheels coast.
unicycles do not.

make a coaster (or gliding, not sure which) uni out of it. just take of the cranks

use it for jumping into your pool (or any body of water really).

keep the frame, get a new wheel. or if it’s really cheap jump off something tall enough to break it completely, film it, then show it to us. buy a new uni.

Thanks everybody for the ideas. I took it too a bike store - They say the axle is twisted (not the cranks). It will cost more to replace the wheel than buy the same uni new!

If I can borrow a camera from a mate, i’l make a video of “things to do with a twisted axle uni”.

thoughts so far:

Jumping into water
Flaming wheel
Coasting uni
Teaching people
Wall ornament
Jumping off large objects in order to break it.
Unicycle hammerthrow (as in athletics)

I will do as much as my level 3 skills permit me. It will finish when the uni is thouroughly buggered. So please, keep the ideas coming. i need to sequence the “stunts” so that I don’t break to uni right away.

do a frontflip
it WILL NOT Cost as much to replace the wheel as the uni if you buy a new axle.
how bent is it?
it is really easy to get used to that dude, don’t destroy it until you get a new uni.

throw it off of a 20 story building, but make sure that noone is down below you
video from above and below
i bet you would break the rim, many spokes, cranks, pedal, seat, seatpost maybe, and possibly even the frame

I took it to a bike shop, and they quoted R600 for a new wheelset. the uni cost me R550 new (50 British pounds??). All the uni-stuff come from outside the country, I think.

Skrobo, you’re right. I am pretty used to it now. Is it worthwhile keeping it to teach people, or will it waste their time? the cranks are not badly out, but it is noticeable straightaway if you ride it. I think I’ll set up a poll…

Okay, I’ve set up a [THREAD=51313]poll[/THREAD]…

you’re absolutely sure the cranks are straight and the axle is bent?
(my cranks bent before my axle on my learner )

Yup. Took both cranks off and lined them up - all good.

Lined up the corners of the square ends of the axle - not good.

took to bike shop - confirmed bent axle.

I twisted the axle on my Torker LX, Torker replaced it under warranty. What brand is it?

It is a “made in Taiwan” - there is no brand, and there is no warrenty.