Twin Cities Invade Puerto Rico

A group of 11 of the best unicycle riders from the Twin Cities arrived in Puerto
Rico fine Today at 2PM.

They were able to survive the 90 degrees Farenheit temperature swing. From 7
below when they left the Twin Cities to 83 at sunny Puerto Rico.

By the time they got their luggage, their rented van, bought postcards & got to
their beachhouse it was just past 5PM, still on to time to hit the beach, which
they did with a furor.

By 7PM, they finally convinced Bill Karbo to stop trying to grab the tropical
fish by the tail, & went back to the beachhouse.

They do not have a phone at the beachhouse. Anybody from the Twin Cities, (or
Mr. Frankowski) that reads this message, please let all family members know that
they got here all right.

You can E-Mail me any message at or call at
(809) 790-1929. I will be in contact with them, personally or by phone,
every day.

Alberto Ruiz

Re: Twin Cities Invade Puerto Rico

Alberto Ruiz <> wrote:

>A group of 11 of the best unicycle riders from the Twin Cities arrived in
>Puerto Rico fine Today at 2PM.

I wish them all, the best unicycling vacation ever!

Who are they (besides Mr. Bill :slight_smile: ? How long will they be in Puerto Rico?
Exactly what are they going do there all that time? Promote unicycling perhaps?
This reminds of the World Unicycling Tour I suggested a few days ago on the
list, for promoting unicycling.

Please tell us more, Alberto! It is big news when so many expert unicyclists
travel so far. There’s not even a national or international unicycling
convention there now. Please tell us their plans.

Perhaps they will learn Spanish dances on unicycles!

The best of luck to them all in their new found tropical paradise!

Stay on Top, with a unicycling vacation,

Ken Fuchs <