Twin Cities in Puerto Rico

An update of the trip. On Monday they stayed around the Beach House, swam, did
lots of laundry, some shopping on Manati, the town were the beach house is
located. On Tuesday, at noon, I met them at the beach house, and we all left to
Isabela. There we picked up Roberto Maldonado & Antony Hernandez, who gave us a
tour of the area. We saw Jobos beach, the Pozo de Jacinto, a crack on the rocks
where the surf goes thru a natural tunnel & soars up. From there we went to
Aguadilla were UNICON IV was held. They saw the hill used for downhill gliding &
the beach below. At 4:30PM we went to a practice of the Isabela club, at an
outside parking lot because they don’t have anyplce else to practicee. The Twin
Citiers showed us a nice looking group routine they had prepared for us. Lots of
people showed up who hadn’t for years. Myrna Corchado, Jose Lopez, Larry Ramos,
Joel Lopez and others. A side benefit of the TC visit is a renewed interest in
our local riders. After practice had dinner at Jose Roman mother’s home. Chicken
Fricasee with Rice & beans. On Wednesday, the TC went to the Rain Forest. They
were lucky as it didn’t rain all that much. They tried to unicycle on some of
the mountain trails. Went to La Mina waterfall. On the way back they stopped on
our home. My wife Wendy had a spaguetti dinner prepared for them. I thought they
would be exhausted but they kept jumping at Margarita’s trampoline for hours.
Dana just announced that she will be opening the Schneider’s Salsa & Merengue
Dancing School when she gets back to the TC. Please E-Mail when the snow melts
at the TC, so thaat they can plan their return.