Twin Cities in Puerto Rico

The kids are all doing great & having lots of fun. On Friday they stayed mostly
around the Beachouse. They did some grocery shopping, went to the beach, and
received visit from some of the Puerto Rican riders.

On Saturday, they went to Boqueron, a beach in SouthWestern Puerto Rico, & saw a
light house with an impressive view. Some of the most daring ate tiburon al
pincho (shark-kebob), at night they had a boat ride at La Parguera, a
phosporecent bay.

Today, Sunday, the 11 Minnesotan (well, we are including Karl) along with Jose
Roman, Carlos Medina, Roberto Maldonado, Margarita Ruiz, & yours truly, Alberto
Ruiz, had an unicycling tour of Old San Juan. We rode thru the 16th Century
cobbled stoned streets, visited the forts that used to fight against real 16th
century pirates, & took over one of the Old City Plazas where the kids showed
the skills they could do, practiced and learned a few new ones. At the day’s
end, we had dinner at a century old Puerto Rican restaurant.

The kids are all doing great, behaving, in good health, and looking as good as
when they left the Twin Cities, except not as pale.

According to the Weather Report, last night the temperature went all the way
down to 72 degrees farenheit.

Remember, if anyone wants to send a message to any of the kids, just
E-Mail it to me.

Alberto Ruiz