New video, a collection of footage that i have accumulated
loosely based around twilight hours


Cool, not bad.

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. Great video, I love this kind of music.

Try to go to rubber a bit more, there were too many lines with crank grabs. Other than that, sshawweeet!

Cool video. I liked your lines, and nice crankgrab to table, I have yet to get those down. I like videos without lyrics but the music in yours seemed a bit old school. But overall great job.

With that, I do agree. I’m working on getting onto a bench straight to rubber, I think I have about 4 or 5 inches to go, on a good day.

Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it.

Nice, too short though…I was just getting into it and then it ended…haha…I wanted to see more!