twenty-niner update


for those of you following my seemingly never ending Super 29er project,i have just today sorced the spokes.

tommorrow i will get to build the wheel,mount the tyre & cranks.the frame is still in the 4th dimention.

so tommorrow i sould have a full blown 29" ulitmate wheel to play around on.


For those of us who haven’t been following the project in any real detail, what are the specs?



i havent ever given any,i think the only thing i have said is,im useing a 700c Rhyno lite rim and my Profile 145mm cranx (without the stinkin hole) that remained dormant ever since i put 160’s on my old Muni and sold it. [/b]

Oh yeh, now I remember the debate about whether or not a splined hub and crankset is neccessary on a 29’er. It sounds pretty classy.


a splined hub will be necessary,this will be more of a muni than ive ever seen in a 29er.

Is the splined hub of which you speak the rare and coveted SH?

[b]oh Frank
you know i cant answer a question like that :wink: i want to keep most of this thing shrouded in secrecy since it has changed directions so may times over the last 5 months and it could still.

as soon as this thing is done there will be full disclosure and thanx to DudleyDoRide,PICTURES! [/b]

I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product. I got my new 29er from Frank A. today, so I now have two of them. Frank’s has 140mm cranks on it, and I’m amazed at the difference it makes. Idling is easier and riding across my rough yard is way easier. I swapped wheels so that Frank’s wheel is on my orange GB4. I think the longer cranks will be great for trail riding and now I can leave the otehr one with short cranks for commuting on.


Uhmmm… I think they’re in love:D


If you leave them together unsupervised, I cannot be held responsible for the outcome. :smiley: