Twelve days of Christmas UDC UK

This year in the UK are doing 12 days of Christmas. We are offering amazing offers on the 12 working days up to Christmas.

Happy shopping!

Day 1 is today, KH24 for £295!


Nice to see it have started. I was on the UDC UK webpage just an hour ago and the advent calendar was still all closed.

This sale annoys me, im going to be buying a 36" after Xmas and won’t have the money for one before Xmas when inevitably the perfect 36" comes up just before payday

lol…could be worse, you could have just bought a 24er Muni and a Trials and be counting the moments until you see a cracking deal that you should have waited for. C’est la vie… :roll_eyes:


Todays offer is up:

£15 for the Impact Sidehop hoodie

just hoping t-bars dont go on sale… but if they do at least i will have mine before the weekend

Lol, they went on sale in the USA.

all the previous items stay on-sale until christmas while new ones come out one a day?

Todays Offer is up:

24" Hoppley for £55

Great part about that - You’re matching the ‘cheap ebay junk’ prices, and actually getting a uni worth having! :slight_smile: Now first-timers have no excuse!

Todays Offer is up:

16" Trainer for £40!

Todays Offer is up:

Impact Groovy cranks 140mm for £50

Todays Offer is up:

UDC 36" for £190

Todays 12 days of Christmas offer is up:

Twinchain giraffe for £130

Todays 12 days of Christmas offer is up:

Reagent Frame £50

Todays 12 days of Christmas offer is up:

Nimbus Oracle 24 for £315

Today is the last day on our 12 days of Christmas

20" Clubfreestyle for £75