[TV] Unicycle Alpencross

Last week i went to a german TV show to talk about crossing the alps with a unicycle. I did the tour together with Stephanie Dietze and David Weichenberger. Sadly the TV show is only in german but you can see some footage we shot during the trip in the beginning of the segment.

Well done Lutz. It looked hard and cold, I don’t speak German but I think she asked if you were going to try Everest and you laughed and replied what ???

Your pretty good in german for not speaking it ;). I answered that currently I am planning many trips but that i dont want to tell more because i first want to see if the projects suceed. I dont like it to talk to much about future plans because I never know if stuff like the alpcrossing is possible for me or if i have to quit in the middle.

Understood! But it’s still great to see people getting positive publicity, and good luck with your next chalenge:D