[TV SHOW] Pedro Tejada - Zona de Impacto


I just appeared on a TV show this saturday! It’s called Zona de Impacto (In english Impact Zone) and basically show extreme sports…

The riding is extremely poor as the filming was fast and they prefer to emphasis on the interview about me and the sport of unicycling!

Soon I’ll try to make a subtitled version!

In the end the repercussion was awesome! Got lots of emails and contacts of interested people… The channel is the most popular sports channel here…!

You can watch on my vimeo acount or in the TV Show page: http://sportv.globo.com/videos/v/único-brasileiro-em-circuitos-mundiais,-pedro-trejada-apresenta-o-monociclo-trial/1331753/#


I hope you guys enjoys! If understand anything :p!


i underrstand very little portugese aqs it has been a few years since the guy next door taught me any but a few words here and there clicked. very cool though. was the whole thing on tv??? if so thats a good section. i enjoyed it even though i couldnt understand 96% of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding, that was excellent riding and filming! That’s huge to get that much TV coverage on unicycling. I got on TV once, and it lasted for less than a minute and you got over 6 minutes. They must have really liked you.

wowwwww very nice !!!
For a second I thought you would get in the water with unicycle
Parabens Tejada, te devo muito por tudo que voce ja me ensinou
Thomas West… :slight_smile:

I couldn’t understand a word, but the riding was excellent and the babe was hot!

very nice girl!but your riding was better!!

awesome! unis on tv. these stairs looked kind of familiar to me, too. Some kind of hip hop video? Nelly? Idk. Nice riding, wasn´t that bad I reckon. Quite nice! Subtitles would be great.

Great interview PT! The King Charles Unicycle Troupe will also appear on the TV show - Zona de Impacto Saturday, December 24th. Link will be posted shortly…Happy Holidays!

King Charles Unicycle Troupe