TV Show Looking For Unicycle Bloopers!

Dear Unicycling Enthusiasts,

My name is Mike Burns and I’m working on a new clip show for The
Outdoor Life Network. The show is very similar to “Americas Funniest
Home Videos” We are looking for funny, goofy, silly video clips and
unicycling bloopers. (We are NOT looking videos that cause serious injury!)

If you have any footage/video that fits into this category – I would
LOVE to see it ASAP! We plan on airing the show in September and we
are on a VERY tight deadline! E-mail me and let’s talk!


Mike Burns
“Outdoor Outtakes”
Director of Research

PS - We pay GOOD money if we end up using your video on air!

Mike’s email address doesn’t show up in the forum. I took a peek in the newsgroup and the email address in the From header is “nowseathis {at} yahoo <dot> com”.

I think a short clip of flaming puck hockey or a flaming wheel would be cool. :slight_smile:

the last one down is me whiping out. NO serious injuries were obtained accept maybe an ego injury.

Hope you enjoy


oh boy…!

we get a chance to further the image of “unicycle dumbass”

50 bucks says Enter the Gladiators plays in the background for the whole unicycle “blooper” segment…

Hey Mike B. if your truly from OLN dont you have stock whipe outs of Kris and Nathen in “into the Thunder Dragon”

Re: TV Show Looking For Unicycle Bloopers!

i’ve NEVER been called THAT before!!!

Hey, jagur, I thought you were a SPAM remover…

I actually have heard of the show “outdoor outtakes”(saw an ad on OLN) but for all we know, it could be a downhill biker that got his knickers in a bind when unicycling beat out biking in the opinion poll for the gravity games and has some twisted, sinister plot to get back at us. . .

You never know, though, it could be both senarios.


Doug must have changed the files. Yours isn’t on there. The one of you dropping off the concrete wall, right? That probably would be a good one for a show like that. They may need better video quality, though.

At there’s a video with a section full of wipeouts. None are very good, except for the one of a kid going off a five foot drop. And failing. I don’t think he got injured, badly. His uni did.