TV segment on Extreme Unicycling - "Attack of the Show"

Josh from UDC just sent me this link from the TV series, “Attack of the Show”. The segment, which aired 6/29/12, is called “Adrenaline Junkies”. I had forgotten about this since they contacted me a few months ago and asked if they could use some clips from some of my youtube videos on their show. Although they call it a “bizarre action sport”, they did a pretty good job with it overall.

Time to set up an underwater unicycling hockey league Terry. :smiley:

Very cool Terry!

Thanks guys. I wanted to put this on my youtube channel, but they don’t give dvds or links to download the segments to those who are featured. Kinda sucks.

Its time to start a Muni race while carrier our partners on our back. :sunglasses:

Hey Twente Muni, I see you are in the Netherlands, which is precisely where I am planning an extended MUni trip! How are the trails up there?

I loved that video!

Hey Terry,

The trails in the Netherlands are not even close to the trails in your movies.
The best part is the south east part, the region close to the German and Belgian border. The highest mountain there is 320 meters.
Most of the trails are in the woods, and are not very rocky.

It would be cool I you come to visit the Netherlands, maybe we can rideout with some other guys I know from this forum. I know three guy that do Muni, but never met them in person.

Just curiousity, why do you want to visit the Netherlands?
Just Muni-ing?

That’s ok I love Forest trails also! My ancestry is Swedish and Dutch, and I’ve always wanted to visit there, and all the Scandinavian countries. (I know Netherlands isn’t technically part of Scandinavia) I love the history and beauty of these countries.