TV News story - digital version now posted.

Some time before Christmas I was interviewed and filmed riding in Aotea Square, downtown Auckland, one of my favourite locations for trials riding. The interviewer, Paul Moor, had clearly done his background reading and surprized me with his knowledge of unicycle and biketrials riding. We spent about an hour filming the tricks shown in the article, which was edited down to 2 minutes 10sec.

For anyone whos interested, the background music for the story is Scribe’s “Not Many” single which was wildly popular here in NZ a few months ago. Its on “The Crusader” album. Go NZ hip-hop!

You can see the TV One News story here!

The file’s 35Mb - it could take a while for dial-up users to download.

There are also a few new freestyle videos in my gallery, as my sig says…

12 minutes, 50sec of fame remaining

Very nice! Well done Tony. How high was that big drop to the sand?? Wow.


Those opening shots were not me! I wish I could take credit for that huge drop, but its not me. They are from a German website, I think. Neither am I Tony Hawk nor a clown (both of whom also appeared in the story)!


Great story! I feel honored to have met you. There couldn’t have been (much) better a story about a better guy.

If you are ever in Hawaii, ring me up. I’m sure you could get on the news here too.

Nice news coverage Tony. Was that local news or was it national? My brother and his sons live in Napier and I can’t get them to start unicycling. They don’t have broadband so they don’t see the videos from the web, which brings me to the size of that video. The video is compressed with DivX5 (11.9MB) but the audio is uncompressed (23.9MB) meaning that if the audio were compressed the total size would be about 22MB less. (BTW I recompressed the whole file to 7MB). Just a thought.

Keep up the good work of educating the masses that unicycling is a sport.

Cheers, Gary

How was the quality? Can you post it?


Nice to hear from you again Daniel! It was something you said to me about footplants when we went for that night ride in Ak that lead me to develope that trick more. There was a footplant in the news story - thanks to you!

Unicus - I’ll see if I can get a more compressed version posted. I’m a newbie when it comes to audio/video compression…

Thanks! I just wish I could do them :smiley:

Nice one, Tony! Those look like some pretty steep stairs.

Back to you, … dude.

dats some healthy beats in the background, anyone know who its by and what its called???

oops sorry guys, just found out it says at the top

Well, you must feel pretty good after that story…:wink:

“no one is more extreme than Tony Melton…” Great stuff!

I’m just uploading an 8MB version to the gallery, I’ll post the link when it’s done

OK it’s all going in I’m uploading a low bandwidth and high bandwidth version of each video (so far).