Tutorials Wanted: Flatland/Dan Heaton Style Skills

Hey Y’all. Im really wanting to learn some serious Dan Heaton styles. Everything he does in Defect from start to finish. I wanna be able to copy his every move.
Has anyone got any tips for learning some of his cool as skills?
If we could get some written or video tutorials online it would be sweet.
What do you guys think about this? Anyone keen to help an old fulla out?


I suggest you to watch the movements you liked in slow motion, try to do them and when you have problem or don’t remember the right position to take (body, hands…) , go back to the vid.
If you own a copy of defect, you already have a good tutorial in your hands.


Yeah, I guess your right on that one. I have got defect and I have watched it a billion times, not in slow mo tho. Haha, anyways some tutorials would still be pretty cool.

Practice balancing while standing on the cranks and on the tire. Leg arounds (correct name?) are a good way to work on that. Work on them in all combinations (right foot, left foot, clockwise, counter-clockwise). Many flatland moves are “simply” transitions between different stances on the cranks or on the tire. Once you figure out what your balance points are for these different stances you’ll have a much easier time moving about the unicycle. From there just keep on practicing. Consistency is the key.