[Tutorial] Sidespin


I made this today. I can tell you right now, this tutorial works well ! That’s exactly what I did last year when I learned 360 sidespins, and that’s what I did just today to relearned them (I had lost them because of a lack of practice). I already apologize for the scenery, there is snow outside so there was no way to film in other place, except my garage. :o

Any other comments are appreciated !

Vimeo (comming not so soon)


I never thought about approaching it like that. Maybe i’ll try the 180 mount before the 360 though. Thanks!

Wow that was a really cool and helpful video. You execute that trick very well!

Sweet tutorial Hugo!! I really liked it, I will definitely be practicing it on Wednesday.

very good !!! :slight_smile:

now i really know how to do them!

but first you have to learn 3spins :smiley:

thanks for that great tutorial i’ll do them next time

great tutorial Hugo, that will really help when the weather is good enough to practice!

i never thought of leaning the mount first.

no i first do sidespins and then 3spins:D:D

best tutorial i`ve ever seen!!!

thats half a year ago and look at felix now :astonished:

i’m not felix :smiley: or what do you mean? :thinking:

oh sorry i meant jakob

Great tutorial. It actually teached me how to do it. I haven’t bothered to get it consistant since I landed my first, but it is a great help.

Could you do a tutorial on how to do 360s, not unispins, just like 360 spins off steps and stuff?

I actually did one for 360s and 540s before this tutorial.

Here is the link :

Hope I can help !


I’m having trouble throwing the seat far forward enough to land properly, does anyone have any tips to help me getting it further forward?

I was having that same problem with 540sides today.

Try holding the seat closer to the back, and when you land grab the handle with
your non spinning hand, if that makes any sense.

I also have the problem of the seat, I can’t bring it far enough, I keep landing my butt on the handle and it hurts really bad! I can 360 sidepin jump mount though, it’s a good start.

I just saw that comment… I’m really really close to 360 sidespin, I haven’t landed a 360 unispin yet:p

Very good instructions …now off to bang myself up!