Tutorial: "Sandwich boards"

Since I just made these today, and filmed most of the process, I thought why not make a little “Unitorial” out of it. I ride them at the end, and there are bails after that. It became clear to me real fast, that you can really get hurt on these if you fall or bail the wrong way! :astonished: Those hard corners would not be fun to fall on…and I almost did! (I plan to round them off tomorrow!)

And since the “sweet spot” landing area on a sandwich board is only about 2"-3"–and not flat because of the slight “V” shaped angle of the board when opened–can really be tricky for first time sandwich board-ers…like me! But I think it will definitely help with still stands and hopping accuracy, because you don’t have much margin for error when you hop onto each board. :smiley:


no sandwich pun cops came to impound those boards?

“This video is private.” says YouTube.

Yeah, I’m going to redo it. :slight_smile:


All sandwiches are always better with the simple application of several strips of bacon!

Someone mention Puns?

Po’ boy, didn’t have the bread for more dagwood. If you cheesesteak the sandwich boards down they won’t Muffuletta around. You’re a real Hero, a hot-dog Terry…not just a flash-in-the-paninni. Just don’t be a sloppy-joe and you WILL be THE Manwich.
Carpentry is a real PITA, huh?

How do you make a “sandwich board”
Show it old home movies! (Hey sandwich…bored?)

Ok I remade the video and it’s here now. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Here’s the ladder thing I just made from scraps. two 2x4s and 2x2s across. They are raised rather than put between so the tire can grab them as I hop up. I should be able to go every other one. :smiley:

(I haven’t secured it yet so no, I won’t try it as pictured, lol!)


I think I might make some to set up in the garage. Great tutorial.

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