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I have recently partnered up with a http://www.Igot2know.com to demonstrate unicycling and help out the people interested in this sport. This is a website for teaching “life skills” through entertaining and relevent videos. They will have a pair of videographies here to film with me for this website for four days in early april. I figured the best way to get the most interesting and “hitable” files for this site, is to film tutorials. I’m taking requests on which tutorials you would like to see on this website. I do, of course, prefer the flip trick category over the rest; however, simplier tricks are also ideal for time. Thanks for your input.

-Shaun Johanneson

I think one thing that a lot of beginner riders are looking for is a nice solid unispin tutorial. Namely 180 and 360 unispins. Hand placement and focus on commitment is what they really need. Thats cool that you are doing this.

After that I think hick and treflip tutorials could be useful as well.

P.S. I know you’ve had to have landed a 900 unispin by now, when do we get to see that? You’ve just been too quiet about it by not posting anything in the 900 unispin competition thread.

This is tricky… I’m guessing the tutorials would be view mostly by the general public? A simple tutorial on how to ride would probably be best I guess…


If it’s going to be for the general public doing tutorials on 360 unispins might look cool, but when some kid goes out there on his brand new sun 20" and realizes he can’t even ride 1 foot ahead of him, he might not want to continue with the sport. In an arena like that, attract people to the sport giving them something that looks possible and is more bennificial to them. 360 unispons are for unicyclists. People that view that site probably aren’t unicyclists.

If you just want to make uni’ing look cool while giving a “life message” then just do a trick video and record some message over it or something…

I agree with what the above posters (forgot their names) have said.

If you want to make a tutorial for fellow unicyclists, like you did the 7spin tutorial, then maybe something more simple, but cool looking would be appropriate for a site like that. Maybe a full varial or something like that would be cool to keep a viewer’s attention, and might get more people involved in this sport.

It was your doubleflip in defect that got me riding, and even though I couldn’t do it from the start, I still kept with it…

Anybody who quits unicycling after realizing how hard a 3spin really is at the start, obviously isn’t serious about the sport anyway.

I would mainly like a 360 unispin tutorial because I’ve seen how great your 720 one was I want to learn how to 3 spin. This is also just a pretty important and popular trick for street riding.

Also a grinding one would be cool and for the more advanced riders maybe trey flip or something. Or maybe one about body varials or tricks that have these. I’m not good enough to attempt anything like that yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you should waste your skills on just a “how to unicycle” tutorial as there are already plenty of those and it doesn’t take the worlds best street rider to make one. But having said that, a tutorial for anything other than just learning to unicycle might not be ideal for the website it’s going on.

Anyway I think you’re an awesome rider and look forward to whatever you come up with.

A backflip one would be good too :stuck_out_tongue:

I think something that goes from the first simple steps of explaining how to ride, to some moderate but not too deeply detailed explanation of some of the simple tricks. Like after you tell them how to ride you tell them you can do trick too, and here is a couple tips on where to srart. What brian said for unispin is good. and maybe something with flipping and tips to reach these goals. Of course you will have to show what its like at the end adding these spins a and flips together just to show the limitless possibilities of the sport.

i think a lateflip tutorial would be awesome.

You have a medium that could reach a lot of people, and could find it’s way into schools… Great demographic. Sure there are a lot of other sources of instructional material out there, but it would be cool to have a cohesive package that does include everything from beginning to advanced tricks… I don’t think you would be wasting your time teaching intro stuff because it shows that a top uni rider doesn’t think he’s wasting his time dealing with beginners.

I have a lot of respect for you because you are spending a lot of energy being a positive role model and are doing your best to increase the number of riders. Aside from this endeavor, it seems like the manufacturers would organize a tour of schools and have their sponsored riders do demonstrations for school assemblies… With music, choreographed as it were… Full events to really make street, freestyle or trials something everyone would want to get into. Of course, Muni and the others disciplines would benefit.

With so much negative stuff out there I gotta believe there would be a lot of schools out there that would be receptive to hosting events like this.

I think you should put in something about flow, style, and just what makes up a good well rounded street ride.

for people looking to get into street, and can do a few tricks, but want to do more.

360 unispin tutorial and superman (only superman tutorial I’ve seen is in French and is pretty hard to understand…).

Trey flip please :smiley:

Take a look at the date of the last post dude! Shaun has been off the forums for a long time.

Lol nice boffy.

hey forrest, I have been working on alot of late tricks, i have late treys really down if you or you and some others want one I would be happy to make a lateflip tutorial! :smiley:

Do it dude… I still cant really do lateflips lols.

hahaha yeah sorry :o but can someone make one haha

I’m keen for this too Will, I’ve struggled with lates for ages.

THOUGHT YOU GOT 'EM CLICKED DUUUUDE!?!?!?! :angry: :slight_smile: :thinking: :astonished: :sunglasses: :D:rolrolleyes:;)::o:((:frowning: