[Tutorial] How to make a memory foam saddle

After mornish gave me the excellent idea of making a memory foam seat, I had to try it.

This is a guide to make a low profile trials and street saddle (low profile). All measurements are for them. If you ride distance and muni, Increase measurements.

Step one: Find your memory foam. I bought a memory foam pillow, and sawed it up. Get you seatbase and cover. For muni/distance riders, make a duplicate of this.

Step two: (piece one) Trace your seatbase on the foam using an indelible pen. I have no experience cutting the foam with anything but a band saw. The band saw (smallish machine) does a very clean cut, and is quite accurate.

Step three: (piece two) Trace your bum part of you seat base, like in the picture. Cut an angle, around 30 degrees from the base if you want to be anal.

Step four: cut pieces three.

Step five: Find a flat surphase (a large hardcover book worked for me) and put piece one (muni guys, and duplicate on piece one) on two. Make it as symetrical as possible. Add a weight, like several more books. Be careful to make the pressure equal. If possible, make it cold. This will make the foam much much slower to get to it’s original shape. Leave for a few hours, or just sleep on it.

Step six: Take pieces (by now flat) and quickly lay on seatbase. Put on seatcover. Put pieces three on the sides of the seatbase, near back/midlish. These lessen chafage, and make SIF quite comfy.

Like so

Step seven: secure seatcover with appropriate clips, elastic, etc and put on bumper and handle.

Your saddle is now ready. If you have any foam left, and you are uncomfortable, add another layer like piece one.


End product: