[Tutorial] How to clean a white tire - 5 easy steps

Hi guys. Here is a simple tutorial for getting your white tires as white as they used to be.

You will need:
------------Brush----------------------Dishwashing liquid----------------------Steel Wool-----------

Step 1
Put your brush into water and generously pour dishwashing liquid on it

Step 2
Brush all around your tire

Step 3
Put your steel wool into water and add dishwashing liquid if desired

Step 4
Rub your tire with the steel wool

Step 5


Result: Sparkling white tire!

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Awesome tutorial, Émile. If I still had my white Try-All, I’d want to try it. So Jacob (jaco_flans) go try it now. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


How do you prevent rust after?

From my aluminum rim, stainless steel spokes and nipple? Idk…

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Haha! Are your bearings alu? Mine are starting to rust. Then again, the weather here is pretty crap.

Oh and, gorgeous uni by the way. I like the blue in the rim a lot!

Hmm, good point :stuck_out_tongue: But the the soap doesn’t go onto my bearings, it goes at bit on my rim and that’s pretty much it… so it won’t really rust.

It’s turquoise, but thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

dang, i gotta get a white tryall…

There goes my arguments AGAINST a white tire

That white clashes with the color of your eyes?

Nah, having to wash it :roll_eyes:

I don’t like when people have an obsession of keeping they tire white, but cleaning it now and then, I have no problem.

I have had great success using Westley’s Bleche-Wite. I use the same method as described here but use this magic stuff insted of the soap. But keep in mind that it oxidizes the aluminium rim. You better take the tire of the rim if you chose to use Westley’s…

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Yeah but the idea of the tutorial is not having to buy anything actually.

I’m probably gonna do it before going in Montreal this sunday to The ride!:smiley:
And, BTW, does it wash the side walls of the rim also at the same time?:stuck_out_tongue:

Mine wern’t dirty, so I can’t see. It’s better if you only touch the rim with all those products tho.

Will keep this thread in mind or my new tryall on its way :slight_smile: