Tutorial for Buying Freestyle Unicycles

Freestyle Unicycles

Most unicyclists ask this question at one point or another: “What’s the best freestyle unicycle and what’s the difference between them?”  The truth of the matter is there is no right answer.  In fact, a lot of people will probably even respond to this article with a much anticipated, “No, this unicycle is better than the ones you said!”  All I can offer is my and other’s opinions on some freestyle unicycles and what truly is different between them.

First of all, a lot of the time there is a tiny bit of “paying for the name” action going on with freestyle unis.  For instance, you can get a Semcycle XL Longneck frame, one of the most loved non-custom affordable frames for freestyle, for around $65 and yet a Torker DX or LX frame that is wider and closer to the tire costs less.  There of course are downsides to the Torker frame like a less stable seat tube/crown weld, but the point is there: don’t spend more than you think a freestyle unicycle/frame/wheelset/etc. is worth.  I personally would never purchase a $500 freestyle unicycle unless I was doing incredibly amazing tricks that required that type of craftsmanship just because of some obvious signs of retailers jacking up the prices.

I must tell you flat out what which unicycles I would personally choose at some point, so here goes.  If you’ve got enough money, I don’t think you can beat a Nimbus Longneck with the Kovachi wheel on Unicycle.com.  If you don’t have that kind of money, try a Yuni freestyle or possible the Nimbus X, Nimbus II, or Nimbus Longneck Series.  The downside to the Nimbus X and II and the Yuni is that they have crowns quite a ways away from the tire, which makes it harder to perform skills such as standup wheelwalk.  That issue will not affect your sitting-on-seat skills much at all, but it does have an effect on standup skills.  Another bad point of the Nimbus X specifically is that it has a relatively small crown to put your foot on, plus it is slippery from the paint.  Neither of the Nimbus Longnecks nor the Torker LX will have those problems.  If you had to choose a freestyle unicycle for under $300, go for the Yuni Freestyle and possibly upgrade the frame later.  If you had to choose one under $200, go for the Nimbus Longneck Standard.  If you’re going under $100, a wonderful Torker LX would be a great addition to your family!

So what does Tyler ride you ask? Here are the specs:

• Kris Holm Freestyle Saddle
• United Seatpost
• Nimbus Longneck Frame
• Primo The Wall Tire
• Nimbus X Wheelset with Unicycle.com Wide CrMo Hub
• 114mm Qu-Ax Cranks
• Plastic Platform Pedals
• Some crazy guy named Tyler stuck on top!

hmm nice advice ive sort of been wondering that myself. nice unicycles. i just have the old torker 24 inch DX its a OK unicycle but i sorta like a better one… but i am mainly looking to get a new torker DX 20 inch.

so heres what we (my faimaly) has
we have 2 old 24 inch TORKER unis and one new TORKER DX 24 inch.
we have 1 new 1 old TORKER DX 20 inch.
one giraffe (torker)
my brother (forrestunifreak) has a QU AX 20 inch.
my dad has a old schwin 24 inch.
one 20 inch CX and one umm i think its 12 inch CX (torkers)
oh and one torker 26 inch LX :sunglasses:

oh forgot 1 we have a torker LX 24 inch to.


im just curious … its a torker DX worth the money (i just got a 2005 model)
and i weigh 140 about how high can I drop off of w/o bending the axle

Hey i was thinking of getting the Nimbus II, could i do like little drops of curbs n stuff on it? Like i want to be able to do 360’s of the curb. How strong is this uni, i was going to get a street uni but then i found out you can do most of the tricks i wanted to do on a freestyle uni and its also $150 cheaper.

You know what would really spice the thread up: a picture of your uni. I want to see it:D

hey i got the thread back up the top lol. U should thank me lol.

in order-ish:

The DX is strong but its a trials cycle (20 inch) and an off road cycle(24 inch)

The nimbus II will take you off of curbs and a few small stairs (riding down, not jumping) with no problem. I had a 24". I’d suggest a stronger cycle (not a freestyle wheel) for anything more.

Good freestyle cycles would be 20" and either nimbus, miyata (spelling) or torkers for smaller people or novice freestyle.

Great thread and thank you. You guys that are familiar to all of this may not appreciate it, but to those of us that are getting ready to buy our first uni this info is invaluable.

I am just over 200 lbs and the 49.00 K-mart special that I am learning on has already been welded 3 times. I don’t want to be repairing my first real purchase whilst still learning.

Any suggestions on a sturdy uni for a 6 foot 200 lb guy that wants to do a bit if hopping?

I still have to learn about wheels and frames, crank length and distance from the frame to tire…this is a lot…

how much are you willing to spend

i would say get a nimbus ISIS with KH cranks

If you guys think that you can be happy with 1 unicycle that does it all, you will be in for a surprise. I thought like that when I bought my Nimbus II Longneck with Kovachi Wheel that this was it. 3 unicycles later, I am still not completely satisfied.

Freestyle unicycle has rock hard tires, so I don’t suggest using it to go off the curb too often unless you love getting Bangkoks. If you love to hop, get a KH or Cocks1. If you love to Wheel Walk, Pirouette, and do all the smooth wheel stuff get a freestyle. You will be MUCH happier than trying to get 1 unicycle to do it all.

This post was the reason I bought my Nimbus II Longneck w/Kovachi Wheel. And I think I love it even more now because I use it for the type of tricks it was meant for other than trying to use it as a freestyle / street / flat … do it all type.

darn it. My new unicycles are still in the mail on their way and now I want to order another. I want to get a 20" but as I am already in debt with my current unicycles I guess that will wait until i get a bit better and get out of soccer season so i can work. :frowning:

This tutorial helped me alot, I’m going to buy a nimbus longneck frame, with a nimbus wheel set, and put my other unicycle parts on it. What size cranks do you recomend?

umm, ok

114s some even use 89s lol