Tutorial a Week

Hi, I will be making a tutorial every week for the rest of the summer. I would like to take suggestions in this thread. I am able to do most flatland tricks, quite a few side tricks and also unispins and such. I will not be able to make tutorials for flip tricks at the current time.

I will pick the trick that I feel I know most about. I will give updates in this thread and you can check my site weekly for the new tutorial. http://unitips.ca/?page_id=18

I would also appreciate it if you could submit your request here too: http://unitips.ca/?page_id=41

Also if you are interested you can submit your own tutorial here: http://unitips.ca/?page_id=46


I think this is great!
I think you should start with maybe, a backroll tutorial, a rolling wrap tutorial, different types of unispins (in,out,in-in) and maybe some HOW stuff? :slight_smile:
good luck!

In addition to listing the name of each trick, it would also be helpful to add brief descriptions of each trick–what it is–in basic terms, and maybe also why it’s called what it is. Since your tutorials are most likely aimed at those who are just learning these tricks, and may not be familiar with a particular trick by name. There are so many names and variations thereof, it can get pretty confusing, for newbies anyway.

Great ideas, thanks for the helpful feedback. I shall get started soon.

I’d love to know how to Wrap Walk properly, so a tutorial on that would be great.

I think it’d be best to start with basic flatland tricks/techniques, as I’ve found there to be very little writing on how to perform proper flatland, even though it’s probably the most accessible form of unicycling for all people.

Good idea.

I will be offline for the next few days, so keep the suggestions coming but I won’t be able to reply immediately.

As long as you don’t do insane basics like actually riding, how to do your first hops, or anything else with tons of coverage already, there’s nothing you can do wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with doing basics, too. It’s up to the viewer whether they watch them or not.

Yes, but there’s HEAPS of tutorials around on youtube and stuff for the basics, but barely any for more advanced tricks.

Also, unihopper, as I said a lil while ago (idk if you remember), I’m keen to make some tutorials also. Dibs on rolling wrap. (so we don’t both make one for the same trick!)

Where will you be posting your tutorials? As I’d like to follow them when you get around to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will make a new youtube account to post my tutorials on^^
and I will start with making a crankflip tutorial :slight_smile:

ps: I will also submit it to your site when I got it :wink:

this are some old tutorials of me(in my language)
So I will make some again in english :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m starting in unicycle and It will be great if the tutorials follow a lead and a progression of dificulty. Some like “how and where start with flat and become a pro” xD. I want to start with flat and believe me, I have no idea where xd

Start with leg-around than crankroll than rollingwrap,… :roll_eyes:

I’m planning on making tutorials for more tricks.

Haha, it always seems to end up like this! I went away for a few days and decided to do it on rolling wraps, because this was posted after I left and I didn’t see it. And now we end up doing the same trick anyway. How far are you? I’ve started but I could switch tricks. If you really want to do rolling wraps I’ll do backrolls.

Awesome, thanks.

Maybe I’ll make some lists of how to progress into certain styles and tricks.

I don’t think it is bad to have more than one tutorial for one trick :wink:
some tutorials are better than other ones… + For some people the first one may be better, for others the secund ^^
so make both a tutorial that you like and post the best one :stuck_out_tongue: or post both :wink:

Post both! Maybe not at the same time, both both of you should make one.

Good idea, I will probably just finish it and then we will have two different ways to learn the trick.


I remember that tutorial now. Oh well, it’s not that hard to make it anyway and I’ve got the footage.

A little off topic, but are trials unicycles ok for this kind of stuff? I’m trying to decide what type of 20" to get for x-mas, as my 24" isn’t the easiest uni for learning tricks on.