turtle's V36

now people can almost say you have a half bike.

Amazing. I might have a lot of questions for you soon. I have a few now:

What size cranks are those? 110/127s?

Pipe sticking out from the seatpost - something to hold onto? Why the seatpost and not the frame?

Is that a turtle squeeky toy between the aero bars? That has to be the high point (for me)

That’s more than half a bike - it’s only missing the front fork and wheel!

Looks good Turtle. Hope it works well.


very nice … i am sure you cant wait to take it for ride!

Is it time to add the bicycle to the endangered species list?!

Beautiful looking uni! It will be very interesting to read the report of the first ride.

However, There is something I don’t understand about the design: My lower region hurts just looking at that seat. :astonished: Why the thin racing b*ke seat instead of a KH or Nimbus? How does one relieve seat induced pain? I would imagine that you can’t push yourself up and off the seat using the handlebars like a bike rider can. If you stand up on the pedals - as you would on a regular uni, I think you would have to take your hands off the handlebars and ride with the seat post completely vertical. This would make the center of gravity too far forward (because of the handle bars).

What am I missing?? :thinking: (I am fully capable of admitting that the missing elements may be my own riding talent and physical condition)

I have no idea how that is rideable. A mate of mine reckons it isn’t possible to ride and that you’ll land on your face!!

Looking forward to some pics/vids of you riding it turtle!

There are plenty of pics and vids of Turtle riding his V-framed 29er, and a couple of others (Pete Perron made a couple of them a few years ago - search for Purple Phaze or Florian Green). It’s no different really from a long handlebar attached to the seatpost, which plenty of people use on unicycles - having a V-frame just makes it stronger.


EDIT: But yes I would be afraid of landing on my face if it were mine… (apparently it’s not bad once you’re used to it)

Thats awesome, had a look about but can’t find them anyway, can you find a link so I can prove my mate wrong!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Turtle will definitely be able to ride this 36er v set up, I am curious to see how he likes it compared to a shorter bar set up.

I wouldn’t mind a purple phaze/florian green set up, as the handle goes a lot closer to the seat and there are a lot of options. Turtle is taking it to a next step though and it looks like his set up will put him in the same position as a road bike and it will be very stretched.

That is part of the reason that he is using a road bike saddle, as he will have more points of contact similar to a bike and a road bike saddle will prob. be more comfy than a bulky one in that position.

My guess is that it will ride like a heavy road bike on the road, I am also interested in seeing a vid.

On the subject of using a bike seat plenty of discussion (and some scary looking setups) in this thread

Oh and turtle, beautiful looking setup. I really like the colour.

haha having a v-frame makes riding easyer for me:P

so dont worry about that you can not ride this beaty;)

looking nice turtle, you had to wait a long time for this:o

came back tonight, still haven’t ride it yet, but some answers: for sure i’ll be able to ride it (even it’s the first time for me on a 36er :stuck_out_tongue: )

the bar in front of the saddle is to hold on and for pulling on uphills as someone already said (it’s not possible to use the handlebar for this)

the bike saddle is way more confortable in this position, but i’ll also try the thin impact one which i’ve laying around here.

the position will be stretched, but i can make it shorter with some small modifications…

what else: turtle squeeky toy: sure!

What size cranks are those? 110/127s?: no at the moment those are 125/150s

…tomorrow it will rain…

here’s the vid with turtle’s V29"


…it rained hard, all day long, but only for you guys my son took some pics of me on the turtle’s V36. also a very very short vid will follow.

for the first time i’ve ever ridden a 36er it worked pretty well, even to shift was easy… and i like the seat alot!! :slight_smile:

Tis appreciated! It is a nice looking setup. I’ll be interested in how your position changes over the adjustment period and between high and low gear.

looks way more comfortable than the t7 handles, etc.

i used the t7 handle for about 2 weeks before i was sick of it. pushing up on the standard plastic handles that come on most saddles with 2 hands was equivalent to having the t7…and the t7 just got in the way in crashes.

that thing, looks like you can actually distribute a lot of weight on the handlebars.

sorry for the bad qualitiy of my son’s com…
(it’s uploading now)


Wow. I was thinking you were moving fast when the camera was ahead of you. Then it switched to the panorama view and I could tell you ARE moving fast. Is your 29er geared too? Have you ever had a crash at that speed? It’s a bit scary!

You are seriously moving in that video! Speed.