turtle's V (update)

i started i new thread, because i think it’s now far away from what we started in the other thread.
i got finally my kh/schlumpf wheelset, made also some other modifications: the front is now all of cf except of the stem (seatpost, handlebar, barends). i’ll try also a suspension seatpost (pic).
could’nt try this setup (schlumpf and the seatpost). i’ll do it in the next days… i’ll use it for xc and maybe some road riding…
(here is the

, which i posted already, but like this everthing is in the same thread)

The view over that railing is amazing! ( so is your uni! :p) It looks like a sheer drop. How high up are you? Where is that?

I’d put some sort of bar end on that post that you use for hopping. It looks like a horribly painful finger trap to me.

That unicycle is really neat, I still can’t get over it.

Very nice.

On bails do you trap yourself on the handlebars like you would on bikes? I’d shudder to think of the UPDs with a V frame.

for upd’s: had quite a few, never had a problem with the handle bar, just spread your legs a little bit…

@yUNIkoner: thats is in Liechtenstein and about 1100 asl, the ground is 450asl so it’s about 700 meters differneces