Turtle's V is back!

after long time not riding my turtle’s V (36" geared) (I was even thinking of selling it…), i made some changes: impact saddle with carbon plate instead of the bike saddle, narrower bar, mud guard… and know i’m using it daily (comuting to work) and i love it (not as much as my muni of course…) :smiley:

Looking good.

I love this thing.

Why the switch back to the uni seat?

For the short time I was using a bike seat I thought it was great for spinning on the road but pretty much sucked if I wanted to sit up and do slow speed manoeuvres.

same thing here, the bike seatis great for long rides (also the aerobar which i took off aswell)in the flat without corners etc., but with the uniseat i feel much “safer”, turns are way easier…

you should make me one :smiley:

I’ve never seen a unicycle that wanted to be a b*ke so bad…

until now :smiley:

very nice machine!

Wow :astonished: I love it!. want one :smiley:
I have a question: is faster than a “non-V” geared 36?

the rider makes the speed… :smiley:

maybe it’s slightly faster because you can spin easier and the better position in the wind (but that would be even better if i would use the aerobar again…)

that thing is so COOL

Wow… That’s amazing!
I just love it!

But wouldn’t it hurt when you fall of? I mean the handlebar seams pretty much to be in the way.
Well… Just don’t fall off :wink:

I once tried to mount that beast. If you stand next to it, the handle bar is right in front of your face. Quite frightening. After a couple of attempts I successfully freemounted the uni, but it was hard work. Riding is great once you are seated.

Are you going to ride it at dusseldorf? It is a nice machine.


One word. WANT!!!

that looks like a “magic shine” LED light made in China. I got mine at Dealextreme.com cheap. Then I discovered a recall due to LiPo batteries bursting into flames while charging. I still have the light, I just charge the batteries in a big metal bucket.

@roger: i’m really more into municycling and do roadriding only for commuting or if i can’t go in the mountains, so i’ll not be at the marathon in Düsseldorf. but if you’d like to try it, come by when you’re in germany or i’ll try to bring it to the grischa muni challenge.

@kb1jki: yes i think it’s one of those, i ordered it in germany… thanks for the advice, i’ll have to charge it also in a safe space…

It does look like the kind of machine that would fit in on front row at Düsseldorf. :slight_smile:

We have a UK possy coming over in Alan’s van, so I wont be doing much touring I guess. I also have a feeling that at the Grischa Muni Challenge we will all be concentrating on Muni, so wont see it then. Sometime I guess. It is a really nice machine with a lot of really innovative design work done on it. You should be really proud of it Turtle, well done.


@roger: to makes thongs clear: turtle=markus büchel, organiser of the grischa challenge, and sure it’s muni only, but early in the morning or at the evening there is time… but im not sure if we’ve enough space in the van which we use to transport the baggage of the participants from one place to the other for the “turtle’s V” i’ll let you know

Plenty room in the van :slight_smile:

The V frame looks interesting, but doesnt it add a lot of weight???

yes it is heavy: two kh frames instead of one, but the other parts (handlebar, and the pole where it is at) are fibreglass…
but the schlumpf hubs makes it heavy anyway…

Yup… the schlumpf is a heavy bit of kit :sunglasses: