turtle's springweek

one week in turtle’s spring:


I think I have just seen the most perfect trails in the world. Where are they? And you are riding them with a great deal of skill and control.

the trail is my backyard trail in liechtenstein, europe

smile smile smile… it was really good to see so much sun while having overcast winter weather this spring :wink: can’t wait for Elsbet

Some beautiful scenery there, nice video.

As a side note, i didnt know much about liechtenstein so decided to read a little about it.
It seems a very interesting place with a lot of history. Low unemployment, low crime rate and easy access to surrounding countries.

I know they say “the grass is always greener”, but it looks like a lovely place to live.

part II (backcountry snowboarding, mountainunicycling and Luis climbing):

can’t wait for next week :slight_smile: