turtle's diaries 1

I proudly present: turtle’s diaries 1 (Muni, Night Muni, Skateparks with the 26" uni, Ride with our 4 years old son Luis on two wheels)

Wow that was great! You’re braver than me. I don’t think I would ever try the full sized ramp at the skate park no matter how good I get at unicycling. You’re very good at aiming the camera-on-a-stick. You got decent footage with it even during a crash.

If you ever stop posting, I will wonder if the trail along the steep cliff finally got the best of you.

Hey, That really was good! Very entertaining:) Thanks for sharing. I’d never dare do anything like that.

Good to see 1 in the title… that means that we could get some more turtle diaries :slight_smile:

BTW Have you thought about mounting a cam on your son bike while you were riding behind him?

Is the Kiddo’s bike in KH Blue?

Nice video. Superman skills. Inspirational.

Cool video! (only the last 2 minutes are somewhat boring)

thanks for the comments!

@vookash: no i didn’t think about this… maybe we will try the next time :slight_smile:

From 08:04 to 10:26 it’s all black, only for me or anybody else?



Byc: it is, it seems the song was longer than video :slight_smile:

music ends with the pictures, maybe the last minutes are left intentionally black so you can meditate over the scenes you’ve just watched

right that’s the reason! :slight_smile: or i’m using a new program and i just don’t know why it doesn’t end when i wanted it…

The little one seemed oblivious in the skatepark when you bailed on the spine ramp or whatever it’s called, where he was sitting in the shade :astonished:
You are very inspiring!
There were no turtles in this film though… could get toads as the next best thing?

That is going to be one rad kid!!! good job!!

Great video and riding turtle.I was on a muni ride yesterday with 12 riders and there was talk about an awesome video with mountains and ladders and video pole from some country that ends in stein,I said that has to be turtle and sure enough it was.Your video production skills are really at a professional level now.


AWESOME video! I am hoping for some footage of this sort (camera angles my riding is not even remotely close to that…)

Looking forward to episode #2