Turning while going backwards

Does anyone have any tips on turning while going backwards. If so please leave a reply. I’ve gotten it down a little bit, but still need a lot of help. Thanks!

the same way you do it fowards!!!lean!!!

i dont think its inherently harder than forwards its just that you dont spend as much time riding backwards and therefore find it harder. its an experience thing i find, the more time youve spent riding backwards the better you get at turning.

from my experience its not something most people specifically practice unless maybe backwards spins/pirouette (but i doubt ill ever be bothered to learn those).


practice, u will get used to it… i can now ride backwards anywhere just as far as riding foward!

its all in the hips…twist em a lil bit…just like forward…

wow… seriously? How do you manage that without seeing where you are going?
I’d love to see a video of someone riding some distance backwards… do you have one?

In learning to ride backwards, I have made several 180deg turns. Some intentional, some just to stay vertical. I am still limited to about 50 ft riding backwards. I don’t practice near what I desire.

ok… everyone talking about how they can ride backwards almost indefinitely yet not posting videos… totally not nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now a “brag” by Hobo Chuck…Today I... (brag thread)

Let’s see the videos people. I mean not just going backwards for a few minutes after a drop or spin or whatever… some distance… (although going backwards even more than a few revs is more than I can do so anything impresses me at this point. :slight_smile: )

Videos please… anyone?

hey hey not fair!!!
grrrrrrrrrrrr im past that junk already and it was a week ago!!(EDIT:so is this thread, whoops)

geez you guys are pathetic…(EDIT#2: these low level skills are really quick to learn, you have it by now…)

EDIT#3: i accedentally learned how to backwards spin yesterday…