Turning uphill (beginner question)

Is there a trick to turning onto a slope?

The place where I am learning has a long run (30m) that is flat or a little downhill from where I start, then I have to turn and head up a slight incline. I find that by the time I finish turning, I have no momentum left. I either over-balance and fall forward, or I stall (and fall forward).

Any tips?

Obviously we can’t see the slope, or the corner, or what you’re doing, but I’ll make a guess:

Are you turning at very low speed, with a sort of ‘scrubbing’ sound from the tyre, and quite a lot of arm waving? Is that a lucky guess?

I think beginners often turn quite jerkily, turning a few degrees with each pedal stroke on the side to which they are turning, or they try to do a sharp turn. Either way, the tyre scrubs, and the unicycle loses momentum.

So if you can achieve a smooth turn, you will loose less momentum.

This means leaning the unicycle, just like you lean a bicycle. It takes a bit of confidence. Find a wide flat area and ride around cones (or other marks) and learn to get a swoopy smooth turning action.

As for the particular bend in question, I don’t know how narrow the path is, or how tight the bend is, but you can make the bend ‘wider’ by approaching it as far as possible to the outside, then cutting across the apex and running wide. That is, use the whole width of the path.

And as you get more experienced, the loss of momentum will matter less. As long as you don’t end up stalled with the pedals at top dead centre/bottom dead centre, you should be able to start rolling again. it often helps to stand on the pedals, and let your weight fall onto the front pedal, to start the uni moving again.

It takes time, but it’s rewarding. I’ve done an hour’s ride today on the Coker (36 inch) and sailed up a 1/4 mile section of rough grass and variable slope without a single fall. This time last year, I remember battling up the same slope in 5 and 10 yard sections, with numerous falls and lots of swearing, on a 26.

I made it!!!

Now the next obstical is a speed bump. Around or over, hmm.:slight_smile: