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I just got a unicycle, and I’m having a few problems. I can go perfectly straight for a while, but whenever I try to turn, I tilt over and fall. What can I do to turn correctly?
And also, how long did it take you to learn how to idle on a unicycle? I need to learn how to do this, as I’m going to try something impossible on a unicycle. I’m going to solve a Rubiks Cube on one. :smiley: Yes, I can solve it in real life, I’ve almost solved it while pogo sticking, I can solve it with two hands, one hand, with my feet, and underwater. Not that I’m bragging, or anything…:stuck_out_tongue:
So any feedback would be helpful.


Hi James,
Cool what you can do with a Rubic cube, I can only get one side to stay a color. Well, to help you with your problems, treat turning on a uni like turning when you ride you bike with no hands; start off with big 90 degree turns untill you get steady . After you master that start to do sharper turns and then 180’s. Don’t feel bad about that idling thing. I didn’t master idling untill this year, and i’ve been riding for 2 years. PM me if you have any more questions or complaints, because I am teaching my sisters to ride and I need to know some common problems.


Thanks, this helped me quite a bit. I also asked a fellow unicyclist at my school how he turns, and he saiys that if you sort of throw your hands to the side, it helps. Is that what you do?


Throw your hands to the side you are turning is that what you ment? well yeah i do that. If I an turning real sharp like 180 or same sort I lean into it alot also. I dont really know if this helps because this is just what i do. Good Luck bro


He just said throw your hands to the side, but I found out that throwing my hands to the right turns me left, and vice versa. If I do it hard enough. It get’s the wheel to turn very quickly. I only need to turn about 90 degrees, later I’ll probably learn to do 180.
Also, I just finished practicing, and I finally rode to the top of my driveway!! It’s about a 30 degree angle, and 50 feet long. So I am proud. :smiley:

Try using your hips. It works with me when I was starting out.
Try this.
To turn right: Slighty turn your left hip to the right and ride smoothly.
To turn left: Again turn your right hip to the left and ride smoothly.
To turn sharply: use either right or left hip/s to turn sharply. Not too much or you will lose your balance.

Waving your arms can put you off balance but I don’t see that is reasonable to do it. Waving your arms can regain your balance and then recommence riding when you get the balance again.
I agree to all other’s but just try using your hips to see if it works and let me know if it does works. Cheers and good luck.


It sounds to me like most people use somewhat different ways. I’ll try out all of your suggestions, and see which ones I like best. Thanks!

For smooth turns I find the answer is in the waist/hips. Loosen up like a Hula Dancer.

To turn right, drop your right hip some. (To disect the move further: your left hip bone will pinch closer to your left ribcage). Your bellybutton will still be facing forward. Hold this posture thru your turn.

Try riding forward and doing a slow, controlled Hula Dancer hip rotation or two. You’ll weave all over the place. But it will prove to you the potential of a relaxed, loose waist.

more helpers

Hello again James:
I just remembers another method to learn to turn. You can use an hockey to pivit on when you turn. I found this alot easier to learn with the stick. You can use this to do 180’s, 360’s and even more. Hope this helps:


I agree. You must have the same technique as me Memphis Mud.
What I said above is what I started out and now I’m using the same technique as Memphis mud did. It’s in the waist/hips alright.


Re: Turning help

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 22:29:55 -0500, James_Potter
<James_Potter.lnhky@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>Also, I just finished practicing, and I finally rode to the top of my
>driveway!! It’s about a 30 degree angle, and 50 feet long. So I am
>proud. :smiley:

Hey James,

You just learned riding and you rode up a slope of 30 degrees? That
is, 57.7%? Hmm… Here’s an instrument to measure the true grade:

The bragging about the Rubik’s Cube I believed though. BTW, cybeross
who posts on this forum is also very much into them things. He once
said he can solve the Cube in 30 seconds while on a unicycle. My PB
(not on a uni) is 50 seconds but that was in 1982.

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Re: Re: Turning help

Really? I 've never met anyone who could solve one before. Except the people I’ve taught. I can solve it in 30 seconds, and will hopefully be able to do it in at least 40-50 on a unicycle someday. By the way, while I’m bragging, I might as well add this: If I can learn to solve a cube on a unicycle by August, I’ll be on National TV. I’m going to the Rubiks Cube World Championships(AKA, the Biggest Nerd Convention in the world), and they’re looking for people who can solve it in weird ways to be on TV.
Cool, huh?

It took me about a week or so to get really comfortable with idling, but it will take longer than that to learn to do the rubic cube while idling because you can’t balance with your hands as much and it takes your focus away from the unicycle because you’re looking and thinking about the cube.

I’ve been working for months, off and on, at getting really good at idling with my arms crossed because I’m trying to learn a straitjacket escape on a uni.

Good luck with learning to turn.



How can i learn to solve a rubic cube? I can’t even solve one now, are there any stratigies or anything like that. Please PM if you have any details.


Turning methods

I use the flailing arms approach to turning. It seems to be the general consensus that people use their hips, maybe I use my hips too, but mostly when I turn I just thrown an arm out one way and the unicycle turns the other way. After a while of practising for easy turns you just think about which way you want to go and just point yourself in that direction and the Unicycle follows along. I have never really thought too much about the technique of turning but I do remember it being a little bit confusing at first since there are no Handlebars.

Wow, a strait jacket escape would be really cool. Are you like a contortionist or something?
By the way, most people think that solving the Rubiks Cube takes alot of concentration. Although it will be harder to balance on a unicycle while solving it, most of the time when I solve it, I just look at it and my hands do the real solving. I can even hold a conversation while cubing.