turning every time he pedals...

so my roomate and i went out to ride today and he is just learning on a nw 20"sun that i got him for xmas, while i was learning how to hop onto a curb on my new nimbus X my girlfriends mom got me for Xmas… any way he cant seem to keep his uni straight… everytime he pedals the uni turns towards the pedal he is pushing down on… and he cant seem to stop doing this… i never had this problem so i didnt really know what to tell him… what is he doing wrong and what can he do to fix this? thanks… by the way today i finnaly hopped up onto a curb!!! and i can free mount wwith my lft and right foot… as well as side free mount! i have yet to be able to ride backwards more then 5 revs… and i also cant idle more the 5 or 6 times… and everytime i try to ride one footed… i fall off as soon as the pedal is at the top of its rotation:/

First of all, how did you get a unicycle from your girlfriends mom?

I think your roomate is puting too much pressure on the pedals and not enough on the seat. Tell him to keep all his weight on the seat, and I think the problem may go away after a while.

If he is just learning, it’s not a big deal. It’s far more important that he just stay on and have fun riding. In truth, it may be a good sign that he is relaxed and flexible in the hips. Those characteristics will be very beneficial later on.

I want to say practice, but I’m not sure… A friend of mine does the same thing, if you look at the BUUC Fall 2005 Movie (Yes, a shameless plug, and it can be found through my signature link ;)) you can see Tom’s tracks are very wavy in the snow… almost like a sine wave…

well my girl and i have been together for about 4 years… so she is kinda like my mom… and im awesome hahaha!!!

and thanks everyone for the feed back ill tell him to put more wieght on the seat! even though i said to keep even amounts of presure on the pedals… he was doing much better on mine and i have 114mm cranks and his i think are 127’s??? i dont know i could be wrong about that but he was doing better on mine.

If the shorter cranks made the problem less obvious (as you seem to be saying) then that is entirely consistent with the suggestion your friend has too much weight on his feet and not enough on his seat.

Make sure his seat is high enough. Many beginners put the seat too low.

Tell him to ride with his weight firmly in the seat.

Also tell him to look a long distance ahead, and not at the floor a couple of metres in front of him. Look where you’re going and you go there. Target fixation: it can be a benefit in some cases, and disastrous in others. In this particular case, it will help.