Turn Of The Century Unicycle on Ebay

Somehow I think the “buy it now” is a bit high! I can maybe see it as a collector’s item but that’s it.


wow great find terry!

Haha funny avatar!:stuck_out_tongue: But who do you hate? Not me I hope lol!:slight_smile:

Wow, that Trumps a KH :roll_eyes:

might work on a slackline.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have several turn-of-the-century unicycles, but apparently not the ‘right’ century.

lol no the search forum function hate the peaple who don’t use it!

Haha ok.:smiley:

It’s an angry search dialog? Haha!

I’d be interested to know why the seller thinks it is ‘turn of the century’… any proof? If so it could be worth that much…
Would anybody with a US ebay account care to ask?

Of course that could be the brand :wink: