turkey day uni vid

well it was filmed on the day before. all of the footage was shot in about 8 hours. we hit up about 10 spots in 2 towns to get this footage. i hope you guys enjoy.


I liked it! I think your audio was late in the beggining though (you would hit the ground…and then you would hear sound.)Good vid though.:slight_smile:

there isnt anything i could do about it the camera we used wasnt great. and the fact that it is slowed down 4 times doesnt help. i think it sounds kinda cool though

Just some constructive criticism:

  1. Cramming lots of tricks (ie, crank grabs) together makes them all less impressive
  2. You didn’t seem to put much effort into editing it. Next time, try to clean it up a little bit. Maybe have some stuff correspond to the movie, add in some credits, a title, and definitely don’t have the movie just abruptly stop. That’s bad (in my opinion, of course).

Other than that, great riding. There were some really cool clips in there. I liked that one where you rode down the gazebo rail.