TurboFlare, personal safety light.

A friend had a TurboFlare in their car and they gave it to me and I strapped it on my back for cycling. Later I ended up buying the Mini Turbo, and it really blows any other lights I’ve ever used out of the water. The visibility it gives you on the road is priceless. Other cyclists always ask about it and are amazed how visible it is. I strap it to my backpack, it also comes with a velcro arm band, maybe sometime in the future they’ll make an attachment for a cycle.

TurboFlare website:
YouTube video of the TurboFlare:

you read like some spam.

You’re right, I’m actually a con-man. TurboFlareUSA redirects you to my website in South Africa where I steal all your personal and financial information and send you a string of red Christmas lights and a small scooter battery.

are you supposed to tell us about that bit?

That turboflare thing sounds kind of lame, but what was that you were saying about christmas lights and scooter batteries? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmmmmm… spam


I guess you don’t ride at night. I usually don’t recommend products but I think this one is worthy. They also have blue strobes, but that’s illegal unless you’re law enforcement/medical.

Around me blue is volunteer, where they don’t have the right to speed, or do anything out of the ordinary. They don’t even HAVE to be given the right of way, but its more of a courtesy thing. Where red gives automatic right of way and road “privileges.”

PS I only know this b/c my brother is a very involved volunteer firefighter.