Turbo-Unicycle picture

I scanned the picture of the picture of the Bombardier Turbo-Unicycle.
You can see it at:

Sorry about the post I made yesterday. I didn’t realize there were
already two threads on the same topic. I couldn’t get to my computer for
a couple days and hadn’t checked the news group before making my post on
the turbo unicycle. Oh, well.

John Hooten

THATS awesome, so is it operational? is it somewhat safe? where do u put ur feet???

Re: Turbo-Unicycle picture

Austin_hamer wrote:

> THATS awesome, so is it operational?


> is it somewhat safe?


> where do u put ur feet???

In boots, and, presumably, on the pegs.

Here is the text that accompanied the picture:

"Eye Poppin’ Wheelie

"Street bike meets Segway in this turbo-unicycle.

“When the top eggheads at Bombardier (a Montreal-based company that
designs ATVs and jet skis) were asked to envision commuter
transportation 25 years from now, they rolled with it. The Embrio
Advanced Concept, a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered, gyro-stabalizedvehicle,
makes your neighbor’s Segway look like something out of the steam age.
At a stop, the Embrio relies on a wheelie “landing gear” to stay
upright. Above 12 miles per hour, the landing gear retracts, letting you
one-wheel along ay highway speeds. The unit was meant as inspiration for
industrial designers who dream of one-upping Dean Kamen’s baby. For now
though, this Embrio is still in utero - no working model yet exists.” -
Jenny Everett

John Hooten

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