TUni - It's Official!

Congratulations all you TUni riders!!!

Acronymfinder.com has now recognized TUni, or Trials Unicycle, as an acronym.

Already on the list is MUni:

and UPD


LUni = Person who rides a Large Unicycle?

TUni and MUni aren’t acronyms, are they?

No, they are abbr.

wow, check this out…

ACRONYM Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning

I believe they are, actually. Here is the definition of acronym from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary (www.merriam-webster.com):


  • noun: a word (as NATO, radar, or snafu) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term

I believe an acronym will always, by definition, be an abbreviation, but not visa-versa:


  • noun : a shortened form of a written word or phrase used in place of the whole

Essentially an acronym is an abbreviation that is also a word. MUni and TUni would be acronyms, but UPD would be a mere abbreviation, just as NATO is an acronym, but EU is only an abbreviation.

And it’s worth noting that many acronym tools really are abbreviation tools that include acronyms, although I’ve not looked at Acronymfinder.com so don’t know if it uses the term precisely or not.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Does anyone know what the guni in Memphis Mud’s signiture thing stands for?

Yes! It finally cought on. and after only a few months. excellent.

I think guni is meaning giraffe unicycle.

I bet you went thru some trubble finding that

I feel that the term “MUni” is good, but TUni is T-Errible. Just leave it as a “trials uni” or "trials uni riding or something, but personally, i d’ont like TUni, and will not use it. :angry:


I have to agree with Ryan here. Mountain Unicycling is a mouthful, which I think justifies saying MUni instead. “Trails Uni”, or just “Trails” is already easy to say. Also, TUni just doesn’t sound that good.


Too bad Ryan, it’s official. Nothing we can do now.

Let me know when downtown Toronto is trials-able (maybe it already is…I’m not making the trip if it’s snowed-in)

I’d like to get down for a trials/urban ride with you guys now that I’m alot better, and have a Tuni :slight_smile:

I will never use Tuni when talking about riding trials.

I am with the others who dont like it. Trials is easy enough to say, and Tuni just isnt as catchy as Muni is.


its a horibble acronym, and i have to say it took me quite a while to stop cringeing at Muni, let allone Tuni.
and i’d rather keep saying two words that make sense rather than one meaningless one.

i don’t realy like “muni” but its no way as bad as “tuni”

when people say “whats muni?” then you only have to say “Mountan Unicycling.”

but when people say “whats tuni?!” then you have to say “trials unicycling”,
and then you have to explain what trials is.

best to just start explaining what trials is straight away rather than having to explain pointless acronyms on the way.

and as for guni,…yuck, don’t ever let that slip into common usage.

“Muni” i have learned to live with through a long and unpleasent process of desensitisation, please let it stop here, have pitty on me.

perhaps i should trademark the name “tuni” in order to stop anyone using it,
like those good folks at pashley tried to do (unsuccesfully)with “muni”

I think its easy enough to just say ‘trials’, or ‘uni-trials’ or ‘trials unicycling’. Why would someone even try to get it accepted onto that site in the first place? It isnt even used by unicyclist. oh well, i wont use it so i dont really know why i’m complaining.


Sorry, but this is not the original source of the word acronym.

" Folklore claims that the name “acronym” is itself an acronym from Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning. The word actually comes from the Greek akros, meaning point, and onuma, meaning name." See:


And in all fairness, my statement above is not completely accurate as well. Acronyms, apparently, are pronounced as words, but are not necessarily words. E.g.

lbs = pounds - this is an abbreviation and spoken as “pounds”

lbs = local bike shop - this is an acronym and is spoken as “el bee ess”



Caution: The above site includes disparaging comments about American lexicographers.

I shut up now. :smiley:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

By the way, I agree with the assessment of MUni vs TUni.

I’m not aware of any trademarking on the part of Pashley. They certainly never contacted me or the IUF about it. Though certainly they called their purpose-built mountain uni the “Muni,” I don’t believe they were trying to own the word.

Except where it comes to products, I guess I should say. If someone else makes something and calls it “Muni” I and Pashley would have an issue with that.

But Pashley hasn’t seemed to complain about our using the “M” word. They got it from us, after all. Or Duncan Castling, to be specific.

The only danger to Pashley is that they may have trouble trademarking the name in the future, assuming they haven’t already. The more it is used in common language, the greater the chance they will have diffculty holding onto it as a trademark.

Similar things have befallen trademark names such as Kleenex and Frisbee, for instance. Both of those are product names belonging to certain companies, but have become common terms for generic versions of those items. I hope those two examples work in the UK also.

As for TUni and GUni, I agree with the majority here that they shouldn’t be pursued as common words. For that matter, people should be reminded not to use MUni when talking or writing to a non-unicycling audience. If I wear a T-shirt that says “MUni Weekend” on it, nobody’s going to know what it’s about, without a picture. My shirts always say “Mountain Unicycling Weekend” instead. The same goes for NUC, UNICON, and similar acronyms (or abbreviations).

MUni has caught on, though it still gets confused with the abbreviation for Municipal, as seen on this top Google hits:


But for the general public, stick to Mountain Unicycling or Mountain Unicycle.

As for guni it might as well be, with few changes, gnu.

I still have no idea what those mean. (sorry for my ignorance)
If someone could tell me?:frowning:

I posted from the newsgroup, but it didn’t come through…

I dont like TUni it sounds too much like our 2 dollar coin, the toonie.
I’ll just say “Trials Uni”, or “trials unicycle”, infact, I think I’ll even say the full “mountain unicycle” on second though, scratch that last bit. MUni will do for me.

Re: TUni - It’s Official!


In message “Re: TUni - It’s Official!”,
ExtremeUnicycler wrote…
>I posted from the newsgroup, but it didn’t come through…
>I dont like TUni it sounds too much like our 2 dollar coin, the
>I’ll just say “Trials Uni”, or “trials unicycle”, infact, I think I’ll
>even say the full “mountain unicycle” on second though, scratch that
>last bit. MUni will do for me.

I’ve been busy and missed the discussion. Is “TUni” now being actually used
or under discussion? Remember, I am your “IUF lexicographer” and am recording
new terms as I notice them for the multilingual unicycling dictionary so I have
a keen interest in new terms.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.
Website: http://www.kanji.org