Tune into G4! NOW!

G4 is having unbetable bonzuke unicycle challenge. All the people suck, no offence.

did it end? it is the 2nd event now

it ended… weird japanese people and their sports… They suck at the weird sport things their attempting.

They are showing it frequently. The show is called Unbeatable Banzuke. Yes, the unicycling looks weak by today’s standards. But the show isn’t today. I know a lot of those riders. Some of them were even at Unicon I! Others were at Unicon XIII and nearly all of them were probably at Unicon XII (Japan). The shows were taped somewhere in the range of 1998-2000 or so. That’s before Trials unicycles existed. And mostly before Trials unicycling existed. All those riders are Freestylers and track racers, because those were the only major events of the time.

Some of the riders featured:
Daiki Izumida (as seen in Universe II)
Kato Yuichiro
Fuyuki Tsuchiya (an organizer of Unicon XII)
Manasori Wakae
Yoshiaki Handa
Yuichi Ono

Very cool to see them on TV, even if it’s through a time warp… I’ve been “Tivoing” it with my Dish Network DVR, but don’t have a way of getting the video from there to somewhere else.